Hey y’all.

I’m Claire. I’m the Chief Product Officer at Color, leading engineering, product, design, data, technical services, and support. Previously, I was CPO at Optimizely, which acquired my startup, Experiment Engine in 2017.

I’m cool mom to T & H and +1 to EJ, who also works at the internet. As a woman who has it all, I like to stay on brand with my passions and interests. When I’m not working, mom-ing, or sleeping, I’m searching for the perfect work bag, enjoying the California landscape, and fantasizing about founding a company again.

I live in San Francisco but left my heart in Austin, Texas.

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Work With Me

Reach out to me if you’d like to work together:

  • Speaking Opportunities (Remote and San Francisco/Bay Area only, for now)
  • Podcasts / Panels / Interviews
  • Open jobs @ Color